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ABOUT Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District (SWID)

Welcome to the Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District! We are the backbone of California’s Central Valley agricultural community, offering reliable water management solutions for farmers to thrive sustainably. Our locally-owned organization employs cutting-edge technology and fosters transparent communication to ensure equitable water distribution. Join us in nurturing prosperity and preserving our region’s agricultural legacy for generations! Read more on our blog. 2023 A Journey Through the History of the Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District


Division I
Craig Fulwyler – President
Term Ends 12/04/2024

Division II
Randy Bloemhof
Term Ends 12/04/2024

Division III
Benjamin Wilson
Term Ends 12/04/2026

Division IV
Geordy Wise – Vice President
Term Ends 12/04/2024

Division V
David Bloemhof III
Term Ends 12/04/2026


General Manager | Kris Lawrence

Kris was hired as General Manager in October of 2022. Prior to that, he worked at the Westside District Water Authority as the Regulatory Manager for a few years. Before that, he was a Systems Engineer for a large company in the aerospace/defense sector. As General Manager, Kris is responsible for managing the district’s water supplies, representing the district on a number of regulatory issues, and running the board meetings each month.

Operations Manager | Bryan Rosales

Bryan’s career with the district began in February 1983. Bryan has worked his way up from Water Tender to his current position as Operations Manager. As Operations Manager, Bryan is responsible for managing 4 Water Tenders and 2 Maintenance Workers. In addition, Bryan oversees district projects, repairs, and daily operations.

Dispatcher/Hydrographer | Sam Madrid

Sam joined the District in November 2017 with 15 years of experience in the water industry. As a Dispatcher/Hydrographer, Sam takes water orders and schedules deliveries daily. He is also responsible for monitoring water usage, managing deliveries to the recharge facilities, and maintaining records on water quality and groundwater depths.

Office Manager | Sarah Pitts

Sarah joined the district in June 2017 after working for Kern County for 17.5 years. As Office Manager, Sarah oversees an Administrative Assistant. She is responsible for Budget Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Human Resources.